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Biomass Feasibility Study

Feasiibility study we contracted for biomass heating in the Hazeltons is complete and looks promising. 

We're in planning stages to convert 2 or 3 of the largest buildings in Hazelton from heating with propane to heating with wood chips derived from local sawmill waste (that would otherwise be burned anyway). Based on a feasibility study we commissioned (by, a number of buildings with current fossil fuel heating bills of $100 000 a year could save up to $80 000 of that by switching to wood chips, paying their systems off in 5 - 7 years, and all the while supporting our local sawmills by purchasing chips made from their waste wood.

Since modern biomass boilers are fully computer controlled, they burn 40 times cleaner than a certified household wood stove, meaning a system for a school would emit as much smoke as a single house. Installation could begin as early as next spring. 

Read the study and learn more details here

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