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Energy workshops a great success

Our community is mobilized and buzzing about innovative energy projects!

Big thanks to all the experts that attended our spring energy workshops, and to everyone who came out to share knowledge, thoughts and to learn more. 

The first workshop brought together engineers, sawyers, politicians, and the public to discuss Wood Waste Biomass Heating - a system that can clean up local air quality, save money, and also boost the local economy. We are now moving forward with feasibility studies for biomass heating at a number of large buildings in Hazelton.

The second workshop provided a 6-month update on our Northern Solar Research and Demonstration Project. We discussed the possibility of a Solar Community Garden in the region as a way to reduce buy-in costs for people interested in solar PV. 

The third workshop brought Yukon inventor Andy Lera into a packed room to discuss the Plastic-to-Oil machine they are operating in Whitehorse. There is a lot of momentum to acquire a machine for northern BC in order to address over-capacity landfills as well as rising fuel costs. Conversations about financing, ownership, and fuel customers are now underway regarding a system for Hazelton. Stay tuned for more meetings as we move forward with this. 

The fourth workshop showcased our progress to date on the Recycled Energy Greenhouse project located on the roof top of a local bakery and Laundromat. We are moving forwards with plans to construct a low-cost heat recovery system that will capture excess solar heat from the greenhouse, dryer exhaust heat from the Laundromat, and bread oven exhaust heat, store that heat, and then redistribute it in the greenhouse at night with goals of growing year-round.

Gitwangak Community GardenBuilding the local food supply
Sik-e-Dakh Passive Solar, Geothermal GreenhouseOur new Greenhouse project
Live Solar DataSolar Demonstration Sites

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